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   Important Information
     Guidance for selecting the correct product
Before selecting a product, please be aware that there is a difference between Gun Cabinets and Gun Safes insofar that UK Police Authorities like Gun Cabinets to be made to British Standard BS 7558/92. (As clearly described in FIREARMS SECURITY HANDBOOK 2005. Produced by the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers in England, Wales & Scotland and the British Shooting Sports Council).

Gun Safes are deemed to be of a higher spec’ than Gun Cabinets in the FIREARMS SECURITY HANDBOOK 2005. Annex A, Item 13, states:- ‘Assuming they are physically capable of containing a firearm, commercially manufactured safes may be considered suitable for the securing of firearms’.

However, European Norms (EN) Ratings (details available upon request), are now superseding British Standards (BS) and other country standards are becoming more acceptable (eg: USA, Meets California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety – California DOJ Approved).

We recommend that you discuss the specifications of the product with your local firearms licensing officer to gain their approval, before making a capital purchase.

Police Guidlines Include...
The level of security should be proportionate to the risk and that each case must be judged on its merits. The level of security is dependant upon how and when your firearms are stored and on the overall security of your property, (and the local crime rate etc). It is recommended that Gun Cabinets be kept out of sight of casual visitors and be secured to the fabric of the (main residential) building.

There are 3 Levels that cover most situations: Level 1 is for most shooters; Level 2 is for those who wish to own / store 6 guns or more; Level 3 is for dealers, gun clubs etc, (not for individuals).
Delivery Charges
0 to 0.5kg = £2.50 (2 Day Service)
0.5kg+ to 1.0kg = £5.00 (2 Day Service)
1.0kg+ to 1.5kg = £6.00 (2 Day Service)
1.5kg+ to 2.0kg = £6.50 (2 Day Service)
2.0kg+ to 10kg = £7.50 (2 Day Service)
10kg+ to 20kg = £8.50   (2 Day Service)
20kg+ to 25kg = £10.00 (2 Day Service)
25kg+ to 30kg = £15.00 (2 Day Service)
30kg+  Standard Kerbside Delivery Included in the price.
Please contact us if you require to have Gunsafes installed by a qualified Locksmith.

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